Sign With Robert - Download the Entire Series - 30 Episodes

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Sign With Robert is perfect for ASL teachers, students, parents, educators and anyone who wants to learn American Sign Language. Taught by the extraordinarily talented Robert DeMayo who is Deaf, Sign With Robert provides access to ASL by a native signer. Robert is also a professional educator and actor with decades of experience making learning fun. You will learn vocabulary grouped in a variety of subjects from science, history, geography to fun chapters learning signs for various entertainment, sports and holidays. You will learn about Deaf culture, Deaf history and Myths about Deaf people in our narrative chapters, and have the opportunity to practice your receptive skills with a variety of stories, jokes and idioms.


1. Teaching Babies and Baby Signs

2. Animals

3. Colors, Shapes and Sizes

4. Deaf Culture

5. Myths, Do's and Don'ts

6. Deaf History

7. ABC's and Fingerspelling

8. Classifiers and Depicting Verbs

9. Emotions and Facial Expressions

10. Holidays

11. Food and Cooking

12. Transportation and Travel

13. Family, Professions, School, Pronouns

14. Entertainment

15. Sports

16. History, Government, Religion

17. Science

18. Geography

19. Emergency, Disaster, Medical

20. Phrases, Common Signs, Clothes

21. Communication

22. Business Signs and Hiring Deaf People

23. Numbers

24. Calendar, Time, Weather

25.ASL Stories, Receptive Practice

26. Fun Signs, Jokes and Receptive Practice

27. A to Z Stories, Number Stories, Fingermime

28. Idioms

29. More Receptive Practice

30. Songs, Nursery Rhymes, Translations Explained and More

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The complete SIGN WITH ROBERT series


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Sign With Robert - Download the Entire Series - 30 Episodes

3 ratings
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