Sign With Robert - EP2 - Animals (21 min.)

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These beginner sign language lessons are great for parents, caregivers and teachers with babies and young children. This episode on animals includes lively chapters teaching vocabulary signs for all different types of animals (with voice over/animal sounds audio option and open captions) complete with a fun guessing game at the end!


Teacher Study Guide (PDF)

007 - Episode 2 - Animals (all chapters below in one clip) 20:37

008 Farm Animals - 3:43

009 Safari and Zoo Animals - 4:09

010 Sea Animals - 4:16

011 Wild Animals - 4:44

012 Animals Guessing Game - 4:17

OC - Open Captioned - English captions are on the picture

Audio/VO - Voice Over in English (you can mute your device if you wish for no sound)

Numbers denote TRT (Total Running Time)

Note: You can choose to download the episode (all chapters in one long clip) or each individual chapter separately. The complete episode includes all the same content from the shorter chapters but it is one timeline back-to-back as an additional download/viewing option.

  • Episode 2: Animals (21 minutes)

  • Teacher Study Guide (PDF)
  • Episode 2: Animals (21 minutes)
  • Teacher Study Guide (PDF)
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Sign With Robert - EP2 - Animals (21 min.)

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